Your Menopause, Your Way

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an internationally qualified holistic health practitioner

specialising in menopause

What You Might Be Noticing:


  • Finding it hard to fall asleep and waking up wide-eyed at 3 am
  • Feeling disconnected from yourself and asking,' Who am I'?
  • Anxiety, feelings of irritability and moods that swing from high to low
  • Struggling with brain fog and losing confidence in your own abilities

Navigating perimenopause and menopause is a deeply personal experience, and as a menopause holistic health practitioner, I'm dedicated to guiding you through this transformative life transition with tailored support.

These years are uniquely yours, and I'm committed to helping you thrive not just survive. If you're noticing changes in your body, shifting your sense of self, or experiencing mental and emotional adjustments, it's time for a personalised approach to holistic menopause well-being.

Nurturing yourself during this time is crucial. Dedicate precious moments to receive private, personalised holistic Menopause support designed to nourish, nurture, and restore your entire being.

I offer a fully holistic approach drawing on a blend of modalities, including Menopause Health Coaching, Qigong, Mindfulness and Energetic Nutrition. This comprehensive approach addresses your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, promoting alignment and well-being.

Our journey begins with an initial chat. If we decide we are a good fit to work together, you will be asked to complete a pre-meeting questionnaire. This personalised approach sets the foundation for understanding your unique needs and tailoring our approach to ensure the best possible support during this significant life transition.

Let's work together to ensure you not only navigate menopause but embrace it as an opportunity for growth, balance, and well-being.

Ready to Begin Your Holistic Menopause Journey?

Please book your FREE discovery call, and let's embark on this transformative path together. Your well-being is my priority. 

What we cover

Every 1:1 coaching program is tailored to your needs, but here are some areas that my clients love to spend time on:

Mind-Body Connection: Our mind and body are strongly connected; we need to learn to be present in the moment and pay attention to our body, breath, and surroundings. Our body sends us messages constantly, and we must learn to be receptive to them.

Nourishment: Change our relationship with food; we must focus on nourishing our bodies rather than fitting into a particular size. We should eat with love for our body and respect for our hormones, consuming foods that stabilise our moods and keep our energy levels high. Being mindful of what we consume can improve our overall well-being.

Boundaries. When we give everything we have to others, we often forget to take care of ourselves. But by working with me, you'll learn to appreciate yourself and remember to prioritize your own needs. You are valuable and deserve to be taken care of, too.

Self-compassion: It's time to prioritize yourself and give yourself the love and acceptance you deserve. Silence your inner critic and let go of those impossible standards. Embrace inner peace and allow yourself to thrive.

Realizing Resilience:  Menopause and midlife can be challenging, and it may seem like everything is happening all at once. However, by creating sustainable habits, you can find comfort and security in even the most difficult times. Let's explore which practices will best suit your lifestyle, so you can feel grounded and at peace no matter what comes your way. Remember, taking care of yourself is essential, and establishing routines can help you do just that.


Here's why you might consider joining my Thrive coaching program:


Tailored Support for Your Journey:


Every individual experiences perimenopause differently, and I am here to provide personalised support to help you identify and address your specific symptoms. We'll explore resources and strategies to revitalize your well-being and regain control over your health.


Accountability for Lasting Progress:


You won't be navigating this journey alone with my one-on-one coaching. I aim to foster a supportive environment for your well-being transformation.


Embrace Change with Empowerment:


Perimenopause marks a transition—a time to reevaluate habits, lifestyle, and priorities.  I'll guide you through this period of change, empowering you to feel revitalised and excited about your health and well-being plans.


How We Work Together:


The Thrive coaching offers 1:1 coaching and support available over Zoom. This program is designed for those ready to invest in their perimenopause well-being and committed to empowered health.


Comprehensive Support:


You'll benefit from a wealth of resources, workshops, and training, enhancing your health coaching journey alongside personalised sessions. The goal is to provide clarity, certainty, and control over your health and well-being.



Must For All Women

“Clarissa's insight has helped me get my energy, brain and joy back vs the state of menopause tired and foggy. Her insight is relevant actionable and healing”


- Business Owner


“I came to Clarissa at time of crise.  Clarissa's calm and supportive style  along with highly actionable tips and tools helped me through and has reversed my anxiety”


- IT Consultant


“It is no easy task to navigate menopause and  I love her insightful approach and that I am not alone on this journey. Real empwoerment. I highly recommend her.”


- Marketing Director