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Empowering women to take control of their Menopause years and reignite their passion for life.

I help YOU make your Second Half of Life even BETTER than the First!

Meet Clarissa

Hi, I’m Clarissa! I’m an internationally recognized menopause holistic health expert. I specialize in burnout and perimenopause, so if you find yourself arriving at this time of life with the double whammy of hormonal imbalance and chronic stress you’ll definitely want more of me in your life.

Through a hybrid of traditional Chinese medicine, mindfulness and health coaching, paired with 30 years of corporate experience driving behavioural change and a scientific background in nutrition and neuroscience, I help you to be empowered to take back control of your own health and healing and to ride the waves of your changing hormones with confidence and compassion.

Thriving Through Menopause is a space for women leaders and achievers who are seeking support and guidance based on proven ways to embrace your second act.

If you’re ready to do the deep transformative work and go on the path to living longer well. I’m so glad you found me.

It’s time to make the second half of your life, the best half of your life!

Welcome to Thriving

If you're a high-achieving woman in the midst of menopause

No matter what kind of challenges you're experiencing, it IS possible to feel healthy, energetic, confident, and happy again. Don't settle for surviving when you could be thriving!

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Perimenopause can knock you back. Here's a chance to take stock of where you are whether you are after reassurance you are doing OK, or help for wanting to do more for yourself.



VIP Coaching program for those who want to create lasting change, reignite their passion for life and step into the second act feeling balanced, bold and bright


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