I Want You to Reclaim Your Energy, Vitality and Health

I know how overwhelming LIFE today can be especially if we are in MENOPAUSE or struggling with another health condition. 

Concerns like stress, anxiety, digestive troubles, insomnia, brain fog, mood swings and hot flashes can be exhausting.

Conventional medicine is super important but it is not a panacea for everything. And there are many of us who can't or don't wish to choose a pharmaceutical route to manage our menopause. Or maybe we need an extra helping hand alongside HRT to feel well.

Over the last 10 years I've been studying and working with Western health coaching, and oriental practices including medical qigong, TCM nutrition therapy, mindfulness and yoga nidra. 

You can learn to connect your body and mind and find ways to feel strong and healthy. Real health goes beyond symptom management.

My own story is one of chronic anxiety and insomnia, BP issues and more. In my own words….“It has been a long journey of discovery .. and focusing on a holistic mind-body approach and finding out what actually works and what doesn’t. Being able to assist others to reignite their energy, establish positive lifestyle habits, and watch them transform in ways they did not think would have been possible initially .. is my greatest joy”.

This is not a quick fix Transformation takes time but I promise it will bring lasting changes to your health and well-being.

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If you are ready to feel at home in your body you've come to the right place

About Clarissa Kristjansson

Clarissa holds a doctorate in neuroscience, and an honours degree in food and nutrition from London University. She is a published mindfulness author, health and wellness coach, and experienced mindfulness and qigong teacher. Clarissa's offerings reflect her extensive and varied expertise.

Clarissa teaches classes, and workshops. She is a regular speaker at conferences, on podcasts and at summits around the world. Her podcast Thriving Thru Menopause is ranked in the 2% in the UK, US and Australia

Clarissa practices an integrative approach to working with menopausal symptoms.

She has undertaken extensive training in holistic menopause health coaching through Burrell Education in the UK under the guidance of world-acclaimed integrative medicine practitioners. This course is accredited by multiple bodies worldwide. 

Her Medical Qigong instruction under Dr Peter Caughey, a doctor of TCM and founder of Forest Rock Qigong, has comprised over 500 hours of study. Her training comprised movement, sound and breathwork practices along with a foundation in TCM, diagnostic skills and energy healing practices. Recently she has been mentored in women's specific Qigong with world-renowned teacher Daisy Lee

Her training in food and nutrition includes special diplomas in food as medicine from Monash University and Chinese Medicine Nutrition Therapy from the Akupuntur Akademi in Stockholm under the tutelage of Dr Peter Torsell which gives her the ability to provide a holistic nutrition approach tailored to the individual and the modern world.

Clarissa studied over several years to become a certified Breathworks mindfulness teacher in Mindfulness for Stress and Mindfulness for Health.  All her work adheres to the BAMBA Good Practice Guidelines

Clarissa keeps her mindfulness techniques up to date and relevant by attending annual professional development and has completed in-depth training in Compassion Therapy and Trauma Informed mindfulness practices.

She has completed her level 1 iRest Yoga Nidra teacher training under the guidance of Dr Richard Miller and incorporates these healing deep rest practices into her work with clients.

Clarissa holds a certification in AromaPoint Therapy (APT)  a simple yet powerful practice that utilizes high-quality essential oils applied to specific acupuncture points. APT is especially effective in treating trauma, grief, anxiety, and emotional imbalances.