1-2-1 Personalised 90-Minute Session'

Our perimenopause and menopause years are unique to us so how we approach and experience this life transition varies enormously.

I want you to experience these years in the best way you can. Perhaps for the 1st time in your life, you are needing to work out how best to do that.

Maybe you are noticing …

  • changes in your body 
  • you don't feel like yourself any more
  • your mind can’t quite be relied on in the same way,
  • something feels out of balance …….

Nurturing ourselves at this time is vital.

Dedicate 90 minutes for yourself to receive a private personalised Holistic Menopause Wellbeing session to nourish, nurture, rest and restore your whole being.

This a fully holistic approach to menopause well-being drawing on a myriad of modalities including Sound Healing, AromaPoint Therapy with Essential Oils, Energy Medicine in the form of Food Therapy and Self-Massage, Qigong & Meditation practices for physical, emotional and spiritual alignment.

We will have an initial chat based on your pre-meeting questionnaire before our 90-minute session to decide upon the most suitable Holistic practice (s) for your needs.

Initial 90 Minute Consultations $200

Follow Up Consultations               $170