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Join our monthly online talks to learn about managing menopause, dealing with stress, and living a longer and healthier life. Our sessions cover dietary advice, qigong and yang sheng practices, aroma point therapy, 5-element theory, and much more!

All our talks are live and interactive, providing ample space for Q&A tailored to your specific needs. After the workshop, we will email you links to the recordings so you can catch up and watch them at your convenience.

Can't attend the live session? No problem! The session is recorded and sent straight to your inbox, so you can watch it anytime that suits you!

Tickets for each talk cost $15 and are held on the middle Tuesday of every month. We cover a variety of wellness topics inspired by love and connection to a healthy body and mind.

Talks are hosted on Zoom; an access code will be sent to your email the day before the talk. We look forward to seeing you there!  

I look forward to seeing you there!

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Are you ready to become who you really are?
Are you ready to love yourself?
Are you ready to restore balance in yourself?
Are you ready to become a powerful woman?

Come and join a small group of women for a  90-minute gathering each month where I will help you understand and regain control of your journey through menopause.

Every woman's journey is unique and personal. My aim is to provide you with a framework to explore and discover your own uniqueness. There is no right or wrong, only each woman's individual story.

These gatherings will follow the outline of the Alchemy of Menopause and include experiential exercises such as meditations, journeying, and journaling prompts to guide you through your own inner process, which is unique and at the same time universal.

We will have plenty of time for discussion in a closed circle of like-minded women.

The tickets for the Get Together are priced at $15. The talks are scheduled for the last Tuesday of every month, and they are live and interactive.

These talks will be hosted on Zoom, and you will receive an access code via email the day before the event. After the talk, we will send you a recording of the session, along with any relevant PDF materials. This means you can revisit the content as many times as you like.

I hope to share this time with you. Remember, we are stronger together.