Radiant Lotus Qigong

A Healing and Empowering

Qigong Practice For Women

A 7-Week LIVE Training

Discover deep self-care and renewal through Qigong to balance your emotions, release past trauma, and nourish your spirit.

Radiant Lotus Qigong

Designed for women by my teacher and mentor Daisy Lee, this Health Qigong set focuses on optimizing health and healing to bring peace, grace and strength.

This empowering qigong addresses health conditions unique to women such as menstrual and menopausal symptoms, breast issues and hormonal shifts.

Modules include tapping and massage, chanting, and movement.

Incorporating these techniques into your daily life can help you blossom into your “second spring.” Take control of your health and enhance your energy practice with this powerful form.

What Is Included in the Training

During this empowering journey of deep healing and self-care, you’ll discover:

  • A Qigong movement to vertically align your body between Earth and Sky — and cultivate stable “lead energy” that strengthens your body and harmonizes your emotions.

  • The “Showering Qi” movement, that washes away the stress.

  • A powerful Energy Test that will demonstrate how your thoughts can weaken or strengthen your body — blocking or increasing the flow of Qi

  • The “Lotus Rises” movement, a poetic, flowing signature movement that opens joints and releases stress

  • Qi Activation — “Shaking It Up and Out” — a movement to deliberately create a level of “chaotic” Qi to release stagnant energetic debris as well as energy that may have gotten trapped in the joints and tissues

  • How to relieve “liver heat,” or stagnated Qi associated with anger, in one of the body’s key organs

  • Qigong breath practices to help you slow down and speak your truth with positive intention and an open heart

  • Lower-body and upper-body sound-healing practices to clear blocked Qi in your bones, tissues, and blood

  • The “Swimming Dragon” movement to clear your abdomen of Qi stagnations due to overworking and overgiving.

  • How to review past trauma gently and repair it, using your body and energy to process the indignities, injustices, and losses

Thriving in Menopause

Your body is designed to heal and rebalance itself...

It just needs guidance... from YOU.

Just as the lotus flower rises up from its roots in the mud through the movement of water...

...Qigong can help you open and blossom while releasing stress, breaking old patterns, and grounding you in your natural grace and presence — allowing your authentic gifts to flourish.

When you’re balanced — mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually — you’re able to align with your natural vitality and rhythms... and your ability to heal.

And with daily stresses and challenges (personal and collective) draining the life force from our bodies and emotions, the need to be rooted in our own wisdom has never been greater.

The marginalization of women as we enter menopause can deplete our energy, trigger past wounds, or make us vulnerable to stress or illness.

The power of the Radiant Lotus Qigong Practice is in

how women can heal, nourish, and harmonize their bodies, emotions, and mind...

Flourishing in Your Second Spring

You no longer have the ability to bring forth human life, this is actually a time of rebirth for YOU. Many women turn to their creative projects and manage their bodies with more care...

Chinese Medicine calls this the “Second Spring,” when many women, especially in the West, may feel disempowered, exhausted, and overwhelmed by accelerated emotional and physiological changes.

Perhaps YOU have entered your second Spring, a time of life which is actually honored in China...

It’s the season not of loss, but of changing circumstances and new possibilities... meeting your soulmate (in your beloved or in someone new), caring for ageing parents, or committing to a vision you had put on the back burner.

Qigong is your opportunity to slow down and use your own energy to build strength and empower yourself, allowing you to weather, and even welcome, this new season of life.

Let's Do This!