1-2-1 Personalised Menopause Check-In

Do you know where you are along your menopause journey? 

Our perimenopause and menopause years are unique to us so how we approach and experience this life transition varies enormously.

I want you to experience these years in the best way you can. Perhaps for the 1st time in your life, you are really needing to work out how best to do that.

Maybe you are noticing …

  • changes in your body 
  • you don't feel like yourself any more
  • your mind can’t quite be relied on in the same way,
  • something feels out of balance …….

it may be that perimenopause has started.

And if so, you are not alone. If you are looking for some support, or reassurance around diet, and lifestyle and ready to dig into that question who am I becoming question? then Meno-Reset is a great place to start. 

Book a Discovery Call and see if this is right for you



Session 1: BODY

We'll lay the foundation as we go over your diet and daily routine. You'll leave with a list of action steps tailored to your needs that will yield sustainable results 


Session 2: MIND

In this session, we'll focus on mindset and stress management techniques that will help you ride the hormonal storm and get through each month with greater clarity, compassion, and calm.


Session 3: SOUL

In this session, we'll peel back the layers and reveal what's next on your path towards transformation. You'll tap into your inner wisdom and become clearer about your purpose